Spring/Autumn Boilies

Spring/Autumn Boilies

Temperate water performance, for high carp activity

At the crossroads of more extreme seasons, autumn and spring often offer milder temperatures, with water temperatures fluctuating between 12 °C and 20 °C.
The SEEZONE spring/autumn boilie has therefore been designed to offer optimal performance in these temperate waters, for carp fishing in March, April, May, but also in September, October and November.
On the side of our cyprinids, these seasons are periods of intense activity. It is thus a question of attracting them with baits rich in energy and protein. Which boilie to choose for carp fishing in spring or autumn? What qualities do you look for in a bait to succeed in carp fishing in the autumn? SEEZONE answers you...

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    Protein-rich baits for spring and autumn...

    Before and after winter, carp need energy. In spring because they are coming out of hibernation and preparing for spawning. In autumn because they are gaining strength as winter approaches.  The fish are therefore looking for a diet with a high protein content and ingredients rich in essential amino acids. On the menu, depending on the mixes: krill or squid meal, salmon meal, tuna, liver powder, predigested meals, hydrolysates and corn liquor, as well as oils capable of withstanding all the temperatures experienced in spring and autumn.

    ...which diffuse in both cool and warm waters

    If SEEZONE summer boilies were designed to diffuse sustainably in warm waters and their version of winter boilies in cold waters, the challenge was to be able to design a boilie capable of diffusing as effectively in cool waters (around 12 °C) as in warmer waters (around 20 °C). The 4 flavours selected by SEEZONE (Legend Scop-X, Strawberry, Monster Crab and Garlic Liver) are of course found in a formula combining an alcohol and monopropylene glycol base, in order to ensure optimal diffusion of the attractants whatever the temperature. Diffusion however delicate, with a subtle dosage to avoid covering the other attractants, and an adapted granulometry.

    Two diameters, two packaging to suit the carpist's needs

    SEEZONE spring/autumn boilies are offered in ultra-strong 1kg or 2.5kg doypacks. Made of high quality material, the doypack offers excellent storage and transport conditions. Like all SEEZONE boilies, the spring/autumn version comes in two different diameters: 15 mm and 20 mm. SEEZONE boilies are manufactured in strict compliance with French regulations, particularly with regard to the environment.


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