Season Pack

The SEEZONE Season Pack allows you to discover the entire boilie range at an attractive price during the same season.
With a unique approach based on seasonality, SEEZONE offers boilies with different compositions according to the seasons (Winter, Spring/Autumn, and Summer) in order to offer an optimal diffusion according to the water temperature.
The Season Pack is composed of 4 packs of 1 Kg or 4 packs of 2,5 kg including the boilies : Legend Scop-x, Strawberry, Monster Crab and Garlic Liver.

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The spread of a bait is not the same in water at 5°C or 20°C. SEEZONE has therefore developed specific recipes according to the seasons, in order to guarantee an optimal diffusion according to the water temperature. The composition of SEEZONE boilies allows a maximum level of attractiveness to be reached in summer, in water over 20 °C, in spring and autumn in water between 12 °C and 20 °C, and in winter in water below 12 °C.


The HYBRID recipes have been specifically developed by SEEZONE with a mix of vegetable and animal flours in order to meet the nutritional needs of the carp according to the seasons. Combined with flavours known for their efficiency, alcohol based for an optimal diffusion in cold waters, mono-propylene glycol based for the summer, combining both for the intermediate seasons: SEEZONE offers unique baits.


SEEZONE has developed baits with high quality ingredients, finely selected, ensuring a good digestibility, in the strictest respect of the ecosystem and the French regulations. This rigour is reflected in the composition of the recipes, but also in the packaging for optimal conservation of the products.


SEEZONE offers 2 types of packaging for its boilies, with top-of-the-range 1 kg and 2.5 kg bags, equipped with a freshness zip. The doypack type packaging is made of a robust, thick material, ideal for storing and transporting the boilies. The bag is also designed to stand upright, making it easier to handle the products.

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