The SEEZONE balanced bait that combines attractiveness and lightness

High quality ingredients, incomparable flavors and colors that match the boilies of the range: SEEZONE wafters are perfectly combined with the other products of the range, for optimal fishing performance. Available in 14mm and 18mm, the balanced baits come in a range of 4 carefully selected flavors and are packaged in airtight boxes.

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    The ideal element for balanced rigs

    A complete range of wafters

    In line with the rest of the range, the wafters have been developed to provide buoyancy and lightness. The wafters are available in Scopex, Monster Crab, Strawberry and Garlic Liver, flavors that are well known in the fishing world for their popularity. The SEEZONE Wafters range is also available in 2 sizes: 14mm and 18mm, allowing you to have a perfect balance depending on the size of the hook used.

    Balance, lightness and attractiveness

    To make them more attractive, the wafters have been enriched with ingredients in association with the boilies of the range. Their color is very similar to the boilies of the range, allowing them to lure the wariest fish. The composition of this product strictly respects the French regulations and is without danger for the environment.

    A packaging that meets the needs of fishermen

    SEEZONE wafters are packaged in 65g containers, equipped with a freshness seal, hermetic and resealable, which maintain optimal freshness conditions.

    From one fishing trip to the next, the baits retain their airy texture, lightness and strength without altering the flavor or quality of the ingredients. The 14mm and 18mm wafters are available in 4 different flavors, selected by SEEZONE, from 4 ranges appreciated by anglers: fruity, spicy, carne and creamy.

    For maximum fishing performance, explore our range of summer boilies, spring/autumn boilies and winter boilies! And don't forget the range of boosters and pop-ups!

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