Summer Boilies

Summer Boilies

Tailor-made boilies for the summer season

SEEZONE summer baits are composed of high quality ingredients, carefully selected to specifically meet the summer nutritional needs of carp, for optimal attractiveness and digestibility. They are also enriched with monopropylene glycol flavourings, maximising their diffusion in water at 20°C or above.
What boilies should you choose for summer fishing? Which ingredients attract carp most effectively in June, July and August? .

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    A digestible formula for attracting carp without gorging them...

    In summer, as the water warms up, carp seek coolness. Less energetic than in spring or autumn, it needs protein and especially carbohydrates. For the fisherman, it is important to avoid force-feeding the fish at all costs during this period, by offering a formula with excellent digestibility. SEEZONE summer boilies are therefore mainly composed of vegetable flours (soy flour, tiger nut flour to accelerate transit), but also white fish meal and yeast extracts.

    With a resistant composition for long-lasting diffusion in warm waters

    In this warmer water, it is also a question of proposing a boilie with a texture that is solid enough to allow controlled diffusion over time but also good resistance to undesirables. Noble flours, a finer granulometry and a mix composition specifically developed to resist undesirable organisms: the structure of the SEEZONE summer boilie makes it possible to take up the challenge of an effective diffusion, both gradual and progressive, and to avoid a too fast dissolution. SEEZONE summer boilies are also available in a range of four popular carp fishing flavours: Legend Scop-X, Strawberry, Monster Crab, and Garlic Liver. Unlike alcohol-based flavours, which are perfectly suited to winter boilies, monopropylene glycol-based flavours disperse gradually in warmer water in summer.

    Environmental and product friendliness

    SEEZONE has obviously developed its products with the strictest respect for the ecosystem and French regulations. Recipes of unique boilies, adapted to the different seasons, for products that should be kept in the best conditions. SEEZONE summer boilies are packaged in sturdy, thick 1kg and 2.5kg doypacks. This allows anglers to store and transport their fishing baits, without the risk of altering their nutritional and attracting qualities.

    SEEZONE also offers winter boilies and spring/fall boilies! And to maximise your performance, check out our range of pop-ups and boosters too!!

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