Terms and conditions

1 Application

The website www.www.seezone-store.com is published by the Société par Actions Simplifiés NOVALINE , with a share capital of 10,000 euros, registered in the Colmar Trade and Companies Register under number 891 505 885, whose registered office is located 07 rue de l'industrie, 68360 SOULTZ-HAUT-RHIN. The NOVALINE company is specialised in the marketing of fishing tackle.

The company is also specialised in the marketing of fishing tackle.

https://www.www.seezone-store.com is the commercial site for the sale of the SEEZONE brand belonging to the French company NOVALINE. The SEEZONE trademark is registered with the INPI under the number 19 4 568 537

Intra-Community VAT number: FR 0891505885
Siret number 891 505 885 00014
Publishing directors: Mr Thomas CLAUDEL & Mr Steven LE QUENTREC
Telephone: 03.
Opening hours to contact us : Monday to Friday from 9H00 to 12H00 and 14H00 to 17H00
Email : contact@www.seezone-store.com

2 Entirety

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale consist of the entirety of the clauses that make them up. In this sense, the customer is deemed to accept them without reservation. Furthermore, the fact that the customer does not avail himself at a given moment of any of the clauses of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall not constitute a waiver of the right to avail himself of these same clauses at a later date. In the event of the invalidity of one of them, the other clauses shall remain valid.
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are accessible on the aforementioned website: www.www.seezone-store.com.

3 Purpose

These conditions are concluded exclusively between the NOVALINE Company, hereinafter owner of the website "www.www.seezone-store.com", and any person making a purchase on the said website, hereinafter referred to as "the customer" and collectively referred to as "the Parties".

The customer declares that he/she is of legal age or has parental authorisation and has the legal capacity to contract, allowing him/her to place an order on the present website.

The purpose of these general terms and conditions of sale is thus to define the rights and obligations of the Parties in the context of the online sale of goods offered by the NOVALINE Company from the aforementioned website and to meet the buyer's pre-contractual information obligation as defined under the terms of article L.221-5 of the Consumer Code.

The Parties agree that their relations are governed exclusively by these general terms and conditions of sale. These conditions may be subject to change. From then on, it is understood that the applicable conditions are those in force on the site at the time the order is placed on the Site.

4 Definitions

Order Form: Purchase order placed by the Customer on the www.www.seezone-store.com website in compliance with these GTC.

Customer : Any person, wishing to place an Order in compliance with these GTC.

General Terms and Conditions : General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

VAT: value added tax

Product Sheet: detailed description of each product presented by NOVALINE on the Website www.www.seezone-store.com.

Delivery: dispatch of one or more products in execution of an order form validated by the parties.

Fortuitous event or force majeure: all irresistible facts or circumstances, external to NOVALINE , unforeseeable, unavoidable, independent of NOVALINE's will and which cannot be prevented by the latter, despite all reasonably possible efforts.

Product: Any good presented for sale in the catalogue put online by NOVALINE.

Website: https://www.www.seezone-store.com is the commercial sales website for the SEEZONE brand belonging to the French company NOVALINE registered under number 891 505 885

5 Online sales contract

5.1 Elements constituting the online sales contract.

The contractual whole is formed by the following elements:


  • the INVOICE

. <Invoice.

All of these elements form an indivisible whole, to the exclusion of all other documents.

5.2 The consecutive stages of the conclusion of the online sales contract.

The online sales contract will only be definitively concluded once the following steps have been completed:

  • The reading and validation by the Customer of these General Terms of Sale,
  • The provision of all the information necessary to establish the Order form,
  • The validation of the Order by the Customer,
  • The validation of the payment,
  • The sending to the Customer of the confirmation of the acceptance of the Order by the Seller by email,
  • The collection by the Seller of the full price.

At each of the first 4 stages, the Customer will be asked to confirm the data by a "click" which in accordance with the provisions of the Law of 13 March 2000 and the Law of 21 June 2004 marks his irrevocable acceptance of the terms proposed to him.

6 The products offered for sale and their essential characteristics

6.1 The products offered for sale by NOVALINE in application of these GTC are the products that are presented on the www.www.seezone-store.com website.

6.2 The essential characteristics of each of these products (such as their diameter, capacity, composition, analytical constituents), are presented on the www.www.seezone-store.com website and the customer is required to take cognizance of them before placing an order.

6.3 The photographs, graphics and representations of the products presented on the Website are as accurate as possible. However, they cannot ensure a perfect similarity with the product sold, in particular with regard to colours and shapes, and consequently cannot engage the responsibility of NOVALINE.

7 The order form

7.1 The placing of the order is done in several steps:

  • the customer fills his or her basket with products,
  • the customer chooses his delivery method,
  • the customer creates a customer account or accesses his personal account already created To create a valid customer account, the customer must indicate:

- his surname,
- his first name,
- a delivery address as well as a billing address if different from the delivery address
- a valid email address
- a valid telephone number

  • the customer accepts the general terms and conditions of sale prior to placing the order, which makes them enforceable against him/her in accordance with the terms of article 1119 of the civil code.
  • the customer chooses his method of payment and makes the payment. This payment constitutes an electronic signature which has, between the parties, the same value as a handwritten signature.
  • the customer then receives an e-mail from NOVALINE registering and confirming his/her order via the shop@www.seezone-store.com messaging service,
  • the customer receives an e-mail validating his order with his invoice.

The order validation e-mail signifies NOVALINE's acceptance of the customer's order and thus forms the sales contract between the Parties.

As soon as the order is ready for shipment, the carrier will send an order shipment e-mail to the customer.

7.2 Language offered for the conclusion of the online sales contract.

The legally valid language of these general terms and conditions and more generally of any mention or description of the offers or advertisements appearing on the site and/or any condition of use of the site is the French language even in the presence of translation into other languages on the site.

The Customer must have a sufficient level of understanding of the English language. In no case can NOVALINE be held responsible for the poor understanding of the English language by "the customer" having made a purchase.

7.3 Archiving of online contracts.

All contractual documents will be archived and can be consulted by the customer on his personal account registered on www.www.seezone-store.com. However, the banking data necessary for the completion of the online payment do not give rise to any archiving, in accordance with the present general terms of sale.

7.4 Consultation of contractual documents subscribed to online

The Customer has a personal account on the Site www.www.seezone-store.com, identified by his e-mail address and password, allowing him to consult and print all the contractual documents concerning him.

8 Availability

NOVALINE undertakes to honour the Purchase Orders received within the limits of available stocks.

The offers presented by NOVALINE are valid only within the limits of available stocks. In case of unavailability of an ordered product, NOVALINE undertakes to inform the Customer as soon as it is aware of it.

9 Prices

The prices displayed by default on the site are indicated in euros and all charges included applicable in France.

VAT is applied at the rate in force in France at the time the order is placed.

The prices of the products displayed on www.www.seezone-store.com are exclusive of shipping costs.
If one or more taxes or contributions, in particular environmental taxes, were to be created or modified, either upwards or downwards, this change could be passed on to the prices shown on the Website.

The prices of the products shown on the Website are exclusive of delivery costs.

For deliveries of our products in metropolitan France, all prices listed on the Website are inclusive of all taxes (including value added tax at the rate in force on the day of the order) and exclusive of delivery charges. Delivery costs are brought to the customer's attention on the summary screen before the final validation of the order.

NOVALINE reserves the right to modify its prices, knowing of course that the price in force and appearing on the Website at the time the customer places an order is the only price applicable to this order.

10 Payment

10.1 Method of payment

Payment must be made in Euros, in cash, on the day of the Order. At no time may the sums paid be considered as deposits or advance payments.

To pay for the Sales Order, the client has two methods of payment:

  • Credit card: Carte Bleue, Visa or Mastercard
  • PayPal: however, the use of this payment method is only possible if the customer is otherwise a PayPal account holder

When the customer clicks on the "Payment by Bank Card" icon, he/she is directed to the CIC transaction server, MONETICO Paiement. The link is secured via the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security protocol, which allows the encryption of data provided by the cardholder on their card.

10.2 Any order is only processed after NOVALINE has received the payment of the price of the order made by the customer.

10.3 Security of credit card payments

For the security of the transactions, NOVALINE asks its Customers for their bank details at each new Order. The Customer is responsible for the security of his payment.

11 Delivery

11.1. Delivery address

The products can only be delivered for the moment in Metropolitan France, to the delivery address that the customer will have given on their order.
The customer can also opt for delivery to the Point Relais of their choice in Metropolitan France when placing the order on the site.

11.2Address, delivery times and methods

Delivery address: Products are delivered to the address indicated on the order form. The billing address may be different from the delivery address provided that the customer has indicated this in the order form by activating the option provided for this purpose.

Timeframe: The average processing time for a paid order is 1 working day from the receipt by NOVALINE of the payment of the total price of the order made by the customer.

Delivery methods: The products ordered on the Website are delivered by GLS. As a reminder, it is necessary to add to the delivery times indicated below the average processing time of the order, which is 1 working day.

  • Standard delivery: delivery to the address indicated or in a relay point in 2 to 3 working days.

If, however, the ordered products should not be delivered within the indicated time limits (except in cases of force majeure or fortuitous event), the customer may, under the conditions provided for in articles L. 216-2 and following of the Consumer Code, cancel the contract concluded with NOVALINE, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by a written document on another durable medium, if, after having enjoined NOVALINE, according to the same modalities, to carry out the delivery within a reasonable additional time limit, NOVALINE has not complied with this time limit.

It is expressly agreed between NOVALINE and the customer that a partial delivery of the ordered products is valid and that the customer cannot refuse it.

Delivery means the transfer to the customer of physical possession or control of the ordered product.

In the event that delivery is not possible, GLS France undertakes to keep the packages for 8 working days from the time the customer is informed of the pending delivery.

Failing this, the parcels may be returned to NOVALINE from the 9th day.
In any case, the period of custody of the parcels may not exceed 10 calendar days (with the exception of parcels delivered to a relay point, which will be subject to the conditions of custody set by each relay point)

The company GLS France will present the parcels entrusted to their addressees by means of the endorsement of the latter or their representatives on the electronic consignment note.
The parcels will be delivered according to the times given as an indication on the website www.www.seezone-store.com.

Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and local holidays are neutralised in the calculation of the time limit.

11.3 Checking the Products

The Customer is required to check the condition of the packaging of the Product (s) on delivery and to report any damage that may have been caused by the carrier on the delivery slip, as well as to the company NOVALINE, in within 7 days.

In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, any risk of loss or damage to the products is transferred to the customer at the moment when the latter or a third party designated by him/her, and other than the carrier proposed by NOVALINE, takes physical possession of these products.

11.4 Delivery problems due to the carrier

Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, late delivery, missing product compared to the delivery note, damaged package, broken products...) must imperatively be indicated on the delivery note in the form of "handwritten reserves", accompanied by the customer's signature. The Customer must at the same time confirm this anomaly by sending the carrier within two (2) working days following the delivery date a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt setting out the said complaints.

The Customer shall forward a copy of this letter by registered mail to:

  • NOVALINE 07 rue de l'industrie 68360 SOULTZ-HAUT-RHIN

11.5 Delivery errors

11.5.a In the event of an error in the content of the delivery attributable to NOVALINE, any product to be exchanged must be returned to NOVALINE in its entirety, in its original packaging, without having been opened.
On the day of delivery or at the latest on the last working day following delivery, the Customer wishing to make a claim of delivery error and/or non-conformity of the ordered products, must contact NOVALINE to organise the transport of the product(s) via the GLS carrier.

The claim may be made, at the buyer's choice

  • by phone : (Opening hours to contact us : Monday to Friday from 9H30 to 12H00 and 14H00 to 17H00)
  • by mail at the following address: contact@www.seezone-store.com

Any claim not made in accordance with the rules defined above and within the time limits set shall not be taken into account and shall release NOVALINE from any liability towards the Customer.

The product(s) must be returned via GLS to the following address:

  • NOVALINE 07 rue de l'industrie 68360 SOULTZ-HAUT-RHIN

Return costs are at the expense of the NOVALINE company.

11.5.b Upon receipt of the claim, and after acceptance, NOVALINE will assign an exchange number for the product(s) concerned and communicate it by e-mail, to the Customer. The exchange of a product can only take place after the allocation of an exchange number to the Customer according to the procedure presented above.
Any return made without a "return number" will be refused by our services.

12 Delivery costs

Except for a code or promotional offer, delivery charges are requested for any order deliverable in mainland France and amounting to less than 79 euros including tax.
The delivery charges vary according to the total weight of the package.

For all orders over 79 euros including tax, the customer will be offered free standard delivery to the address chosen by the customer or in Points Relais.

The delivery costs depend on both the delivery address indicated and the delivery method chosen by the customer during the contractual process.

The total amount of the delivery charges that will effectively apply to the customer's order will be indicated in the order summary, which the customer will be invited to check before validating it to express his/her final acceptance to the purchase contract proposed by NOVALINE.

13 Right of withdrawal

13.1 Conditions of the right of withdrawal

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the customer has a withdrawal period of 14 days from the day of receipt of the order.

The withdrawal period expires fourteen days after the day on which the Customer or a third party other than the carrier and designated by the Customer takes physical possession of the goods or of the last goods in the case of partial delivery.
If this period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it shall be extended until the next working day

The right of withdrawal is strictly excluded for sales contracts for products that have been unsealed, i.e. opened by the customer after delivery.

The right of withdrawal is at the customer's expense according to the terms and conditions set out below.

13.2 Procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal

The customer must notify his decision to withdraw from this contract either using the withdrawal form available below, or by means of a clear and unambiguous statement sent by e-mail to the address below and this within 14 days of receiving his order:


Before any return, the Customer must obtain a "return number" from NOVALINE. The product must be returned by a suitable delivery service.
In the event of a return, the Customer must pack the item carefully and enclose the return number(s) received by email by printing them out or copying them onto plain paper.
NOVALINE does not pay for any transport insurance or the cost of transport and cannot be held responsible for the non-receipt of the customer's package. In general, all costs and risks related to the return of the product(s) are to be borne by the customer.

13.3 Effects of withdrawal

In the event that the client complies with the return procedure described above,

NOVALINE will issue a credit note to be used within 6 months. You will receive your credit note by e-mail in the form of a code to be integrated into the "Do you have a discount code?" area of the shopping cart.

This credit will also take into account the delivery costs (excluding any additional costs arising from you choosing a delivery method other than the cheaper standard delivery method we offer). This credit note will be generated no later than 14 days after the date of receipt of the products by NOVALINE.

The credit note will be issued by NOVALINE.

In the event of a total return of an order, NOVALINE will offer the customer a credit note for the full amount of the shipping costs paid at the time of the order, except for any additional costs arising from the fact that you have chosen a delivery method other than the less expensive standard delivery method we offer.
NOVALINE is not legally obliged to reimburse you for any additional delivery costs if you have chosen a more expensive method of delivery than the standard method offered on the site.

14 Ownership

NOVALINE retains full and complete ownership of the Products sold until full payment of the price, in principal, costs and taxes included.

15 Guarantees

Unless otherwise provided for by law or regulation, the customer benefits from a legal guarantee of conformity as well as a legal guarantee against hidden defects.

NOVALINE is thus liable for defects in the conformity of the product with the contract under the conditions provided for in articles L. 217-4 et seq. of the French Consumer Code, as well as for any hidden defects that may affect the thing sold under the conditions provided for in articles 1641 to 1649 and 2232 of the French Civil Code.

When the customer acts in legal guarantee of conformity:

  • he benefits from a period of two years from the delivery of the product to act;
  • he may choose between repairing or replacing the product, subject to the cost conditions provided for in Article L. 217-9 of the Consumer Code;
  • he is exempted from proving the existence of the product's lack of conformity during the twenty-four months following delivery of the product.

We remind you that the legal guarantee of conformity applies independently of any commercial guarantee that may be granted.

The customer may decide to implement the guarantee against hidden defects of the thing sold within the meaning of Article 1641 of the Civil Code and may, in this case, choose between the resolution of the sale or a reduction in the sale price in accordance with Article 1644 of the Civil Code.

In accordance with the provisions of article L. 217-7 of the Consumer Code, NOVALINE nevertheless has the possibility to fight this aforementioned presumption regarding the existence of the product's lack of conformity during the twenty-four months following the delivery of the product, whenever such presumption is not compatible with the nature of the product sold or even with the lack of conformity claimed.

To implement the legal guarantee of conformity or the legal guarantee against hidden defects, the customer must return the product concerned to NOVALINE in its original packaging, accompanied by a copy of its invoice (which you will find in your personal account, in the tab "history and details of my orders" as well as sending a registered letter requesting the implementation of the guarantee, to the following address:

  • NOVALINE 07 rue de l'industrie 68360 SOULTZ-HAUT-RHIN

The cost of returning the product will be given to the customer as a credit note (via the sending of a discount code applicable on the catalogue of the site www.www.seezone-store.com), on receipts, by NOVALINE after return and receipt of the product if the lack of conformity or hidden defect is established under the conditions provided for by law.

However, any warranty is excluded in case of normal wear and tear of the product, improper storage, poor maintenance or misuse.

16 Liability

16.1. In accordance with the legal provisions in force, NOVALINE is automatically responsible to the Customer for the proper performance of the obligations resulting from the sales contract concluded between them via the Website.

However, NOVALINE will be able to exonerate itself from all or part of its responsibility by proving that the non-performance or poor performance of the contract is attributable either to the customer, or to the unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party to the contract, or to a case of force majeure or fortuitous event.

16.2. NOVALINE disclaims all liability for damages inherent or caused by the use of the Internet network, in particular with regard to the access and use of the Website.

17 Intellectual Property

17.1. All elements of the Website are and remain the exclusive property of NOVALINE and are protected by French and international laws relating to intellectual property and copyright. Any use, reproduction, exploitation or redistribution, for any purpose whatsoever and in particular for advertising purposes, even partially, of these elements of the Website whatever they may be (iconographic and photographic representations, texts, software, visuals, sounds...) is strictly forbidden.

Any representation or reproduction would constitute an infringement sanctioned by articles 425 and following of the Penal Code. 

17.2. The creation or insertion of any hyperlink whatsoever (simple hyperlink, deep link, etc.) that would refer or point to one of the pages of the Website is strictly forbidden without the prior, written and express consent of NOVALINE.

18 Consumer mediation

In accordance with article L. 612-1 of the Consumer Code, within a period of one year from the date of his written complaint, the consumer, subject to article L.152-2 of the Consumer Code, has the option of submitting a request for amicable resolution by mediation, to:

SAS Médiation Solution

SAS Médiation

SAS Médiation Solution
222 chemin de la bergerie
01800 Saint Jean de Niost

site: https://www.sasmediationsolution-conso.fr
email: contact@sasmediationsolution-conso.fr

19 Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and more generally any dispute attributable to these Terms and Conditions or related in any way to the use of the Site shall be governed by and construed in accordance with French law and by the French courts.

We inform you that you also have the possibility, in the event of a dispute, to have recourse free of charge to a consumer mediator, under the conditions provided for in Title I of Book VI (articles L. 611-1 to L. 616-3) of the Consumer Code, with a view to the amicable resolution of any disputes which may arise between you and NOVALINE.

20 Protection of personal data

In accordance with the law n° 2018-493 of 20 June 2018 relating to the protection of personal data, the amended law of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, as well as the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016, the Customer is informed that the answers to the various questionnaires are necessary for the processing of his/her registration and the creation of his/her personal space.

The Customer's personal data is processed and stored for the purpose of processing the order and the proper execution of the sale.
The data is kept for the duration of the legal prescription of common law. With regard to the law and under the conditions it defines, the holder of the personal data has the following rights: right of access (Article 15 RGPD), right of deletion (Article 17 RGPD), right of rectification (Article 16 RGPD), right to restrict data processing (Article 18 RGPD), right to data portability (Article 20 RGPD), right to object to a data protection supervisory authority (Article 77 GDPR), right to withdraw consent (Article 7(3) GDPR), as well as right to withdraw certain data processing measures (Article 21 GDPR).

Any request shall be sent by post with a copy of an identity document (valid national identity card or passport) of the person holding the data to NOVALINE 07 rue de l'industrie 68360 SOULTZ-HAUT-RHIN

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