Pack découverte Printemps/Automne
Pack découverte Printemps/Automne
Pack découverte Printemps/Automne
Pack découverte Printemps/Automne
Pack découverte Printemps/Automne
Pack découverte Printemps/Automne
Data sheet
Summer +20°C
Carne; Spicy; Creamy; Fruity
Monster Crab on MPG base; Strawberry on MPG base; Scopex on MPG base; Garlic on MPG base
2,5kg; 50g; 500ml
20mm Boilie ; Pop-ups 15mm

The boilies

For the fisherman, it is a question during this period of avoiding stuffing the fish at all costs, by offering a formula with excellent digestibility. SEEZONE summer boilies are therefore composed of vegetable flours (roasted soya flour, soya isolate, etc.), but also white fish meal, milk powder, etc. and yeast extracts.

It is also a question, in this warmer water, of proposing a boilie with a texture dense enough to allow a controlled diffusion over time but also a good resistance to undesirable ones. Noble flours, a finer granulometry and a mix composition specifically developed to resist undesirable organisms: the structure of the SEEZONE summer boilie makes it possible to take up the challenge of an effective diffusion, both gradual and progressive, and to avoid a too fast dissolution. SEEZONE summer boilies are also available in a range of four popular carp fishing flavours: Legend Scop-X, Strawberry, Monster Crab, and Garlic Liver. Unlike alcohol-based flavours, which are perfectly suited to winter boilies, monopropylene glycol-based flavours disperse gradually in warmer waters in summer.


In keeping with the entire range, SEEZONE pop-ups have been developed to provide both buoyancy and attractiveness to the rig, thanks to flavours known for their effectiveness.
Legend Scop-x, Strawberry, Monster Crab or Garlic Liver, SEEZONE pop-ups come in a variety of flavours.

Available for the moment 15 mm, the floating artificial lures combine perfectly with SEEZONE 20 mm boilies, for efficient pop-up rigs (snowman rig for example).

SEEZONE pop-ups have a perfectly balanced composition in order to guarantee a floatation of more than 24H.

To increase their attractiveness, they are enriched with ingredients in association with the boilies of the range.

The colours, selected are among the most used by fishermen, allow a visual attraction by creating a contrast with the bottom of the fishing area.

The boosters

Featuring some of the most popular flavours among anglers, SEEZONE boosters are ideal additives for topping or dipping any type of bait.
Pellets, seeds, pellets, pop-ups and sticks will be boosted by these PVA-Friendly attractants enriched with concentrated amino acids.

The combination of alcohol and MPG based flavours means that SEEZONE boosters will be effective on all types of fishing grounds regardless of water temperature.

Summer Discovery Pack 2,5kg

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Discover the SEEZONE Summer bait range with the Discovery Pack.
Packs specially designed for each season! 2.5kg of boilies + 1 jar of pop-ups + 1 booster.

Make your choice from the 4 flavours in the range.

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The feeding behaviour of carp

The feeding behaviour of carp

Contrary to popular thinking, it is quite possible to choose a meaty, spicy, fruity or creamy boilie to fish for carp in winter. The most important thing is that its composition favours an optimal diffusion according to the temperature of the water, and that it specifically meets the nutritional needs of the carps in this season. Would you like to know more?

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