Who are we ?

Who are we ?


Created in 2020, Seezone® is a French carp fishing bait brand with a UNIQUE CONCEPT in France and Europe.

Thomas Claudel and Steven Le Quentrec, the founders of the brand, started their project 4 years ago with the aim of creating an innovative bait brand.

This project was born from a simple idea, obvious but which had never been proposed on the bait market in France and in Europe ... propose a range of baits based on seasonality in order to increase their performance. 

Four years of work, research, reflection, testing and development with a food engineer have been necessary to develop this unique range of boilies on the market.

Studies on carp in their biotope have shown that the food needs and behaviour of carp in winter are totally different from that in summer. In contrast, for seasons where the water temperature is the same, such as spring and autumn, the food requirements and behaviour of carp are similar. In spring, the carp are looking for protein before the spawning period and in autumn, the carp are looking for protein to prepare for the winter. It was therefore obvious for Seezone to create a range of boilies declined in 3 SEASONS which are : WINTER (0-12°C), SPRING/AUTUMN(12°C-20°C) and SUMMER (>20°C)

These baits are the result of strict and precise specifications:

- optimise the diffusion according to the water temperature
- control the diffusion time
- select and dose precisely the vegetable and animal flours in order to meet the nutritional needs of the carps according to the seasons
- adapting the composition to take into account the capacity to resist undesirables without attenuating the diffusion of the baits
- developing soft and digestible boilies
- developing boilies that resist the boilie launcher
- using flavours on different bases (Alcohol,

To summarise, develop a range of baits with a different composition depending on the season in order to diffuse optimally in its preferred temperature range.

SEEZONE has chosen to offer a clear and restricted range of baits:

- Creamy: Legend Scop-X
- Fruity: Strawberry
- Spicy: Garlic Liver
- Meaty: Monster Crab

Let's take the example of the Monster Crab boilie, it is available like the other boilies in the range in 3 variants depending on the season and the water temperature:

- Monster Crab Winter (water from 0 to 12°C)
- Monster Crab Spring/Autumn (water from 12 to 20°C)
- Monster Crab Summer (water above 20°C)

Depending on the range, their composition is totally different and unique. 


All of these baits have been tested in fishing conditions on all types of water.

However, Thomas and Steven decided to go further by subjecting all Seezone boilies to a battery of tests carried out under laboratory conditions by the company Stapio.

These analyses thus made it possible to establish an analytical sheet for each boilie indicating the behaviour in the water of each of its boilies in its target temperature range:

- diffusion time
- diffusion rate
- resistance to undesirables*
- resistance to immersion*

*The classification of resistance to undesirables and immersion was achieved by comparing each of the Seezone boilies with each other.

Beyond the analysis of the diffusion and resistance of SEEZONE baits, Stapio's tests also showed that SEEZONE is the only brand in Europe offering baits diffusing on average 24H.

Where does the name "SEEZONE®" and the logo come from?

The name SEEZONE refers to the seasons (season in English) of course: spring, summer, autumn and winter, their climatic specificities (water temperature, but also wind, depressions, etc.) and the life cycle of the carp throughout the year.

SEEZONE literally it also means "see the zone" in English. That means, see the fishing zone or see the optimum temperature zone.

As far as the logo is concerned, there are multiple references to nature. There is the feeder tree, which is often a gathering place for carp. The circle represents the star, the moon, the sun, the one that gives rhythm to all that lives.

Finally, the 3 fish are a very important part of the logo. These symbolise the 3 seasons (winter; spring/autumn; summer). Spring and autumn are associated, as the temperature range and nutritional needs of carp are very similar.

SEEZONE is all about expertise and precision, respect for nature and a passion.

We wish you a pleasant visit to our website and hope to count you among our loyal customers...

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