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Scopex on MPG base + alcohol

The viscosity of the SEEZONE Legend Scop-X booster allows it to perfectly coat all types of bait.

Developed with the strictest respect for the biotope, this formulation is packaged in a sturdy and practical bottle, allowing it to coat any type of bait. Thanks to the wide opening neck, the soluble nets can be dipped into the booster bottle.

Just like the rest of the SEEZONE booster range, the Legend Scop-x booster contains an alcohol and monopropylene glycol based flavouring, a combination that guarantees optimal delivery in cold winter waters as well as in warm summer waters... and in temperate waters in autumn and spring.

The 500 ml bottle is robust, practical and safe, with a wide opening neck and tightly sealed screws.

SEEZONE products have been developed in strict compliance with French regulations.

Legend Scop-X Booster

Liquid Attractant 500mL

13,59 €

SEEZONE Legend Scop-X booster is an ideal additive for topping or dipping all types of baits. Boilies, seeds, pellets, pop-ups and sticks will be boosted by this PVA-Friendly attractant enriched with fermented corn liquor (CSL), a concentrate of sugar and amino acids, also known to repel catfish.

Thanks to the combination of alcohol and MPG based flavours, SEEZONE Legend Scop-X booster will be effective on all types of fishing grounds regardless of water temperature.

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