Secure payment

Secure payment

Payment by credit card

What types of payment cards are accepted ?

You can make your payments with a Visa bank card or a Mastercard bank card.

Is my CB payment is secured ?

Your payment is encrypted and therefore 100% secure via the standardized encryption system called "the TLS protocol" of MONETICO CIC.

Is a payment with Monetico Paiement is safe ?

When you make a purchase on the internet equipped with Monetico Payment, the entire transaction is carried out on our banking site in encrypted mode. You temporarily leave the website in complete transparency to save your bank details.

This is the guarantee that:

  • NOVALINE will never know your card number .
  • Monetico Paiement will not know anything about the details of your purchases since only the total amount and the order number are transmitted by NOVALINE

3D SECURE verification to secure the payment by the cardholder.

The authentication of bank card holders during a payment act is done through the 3DSecure protocol. This ensures that the person who has entered the bank card information on the payment page is legitimate for this purchase: he/she is asked to perform an additional action (entering a code, authentication via a mobile application, ...) allowing him/her to be authenticated as the bank card holder. This standard is known as "Verified by Visa" for Visa and "MasterCard SecureCode" for MasterCard. Its principle is based on the verification of information known only to the bank card holder (like the 4-digit code) and which will be requested by his or her bank during web transactions.

PCI DSS certification

The PCI DSS standard is a standard written jointly by the Carte Bleue/Visa and EuroCard/MasterCard networks. It brings together recommendations to ensure the security of confidential information held by companies, such as bank card numbers. Audited, the Crédit Mutuel-CIC group was awarded this label for its internet payment solution in 2007.

Payment by PAYPAL

Is my PAYPAL payment is secured ?

Your PAYPAL payment is encrypted so 100% secure via the PAYPAL secure system. To make the payment you only need to enter your PAYPAL ID. When you send a payment with PayPal, the recipient does not receive any sensitive financial information such as your card or bank account number.

Privacy of information

In strict compliance with the law, no banking data is recorded, communicated or stored.

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Secure payment
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