Liquid Boosters

Intense boosters that boost performance

In line with the whole range, SEEZONE boosters have been developed to bring instant attractiveness to your different baits such as boilies, stick mix, seeds... Associated with finely selected attractants, the different flavours have been incorporated under different bases (alcohol and monopropylene glycol) in order to provide an optimal diffusion whatever the water temperature. The formulation of these additives does not dissolve the PVA.
Spicy booster, creamy booster, meaty booster, fruity booster: just like all the products, the SEEZONE range of boosters comes in different flavours.

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    An intelligent composition of quality ingredients

    As with all SEEZONE products, the recipes for the fishing boosters have been carefully developed to offer carp anglers optimum effectiveness, whatever the water temperature. Composed mainly of vegetable glycerine, the boosters are enriched with attractive liquids combined with an alcohol and monopropylene glycol-based aroma, in order to guarantee an optimal diffusion in winter as well as in summer, as well as in autumn and spring. Just like boosters and pop-ups SEEZONE, the boosters come in four tried and tested flavours - Legend Scop-x, Strawberry, Monster Crab, and Garlic Liver.

    Boosters developed for effective, simple and convenient use

    SEEZONE boosters are guaranteed PVA-Friendly. Completely water-free, their composition allows anglers to dip or topdress their mixes without the risk of dissolving soluble bags, soluble nets or any PVA container. For ease of use and convenience, the container has a wide opening on the top, allowing anglers to insert PVA and baits directly into the bottle. Its viscosity allows it to adhere perfectly to all types of mixtures.

    Quality preserved through robust packaging

    SEEZONE boosters, supplementary feeds for fish, are packed in high-quality 500 ml bottles. This is a safe and tightly sealed package that also offers excellent storage conditions. This ensures that the ingredients retain their full attraction power and give all your baits a real boost over time. SEEZONE boosters are safe for the environment and strictly comply with French regulations.

    For the best performance, SEEZONE boosters are ideal for the most demanding anglers.

    For maximised fishing performance, discover our range of Summer boilies, Spring/Autumn and Winter!!

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