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Per season

Carp fishing with the rhythm of the seasons

After four years of research and development, SEEZONE has developed high quality boilies, perfectly adapted to the different seasons, to offer an optimal level of diffusion and maximum attractiveness in warm, cold or temperate water. For winter, spring/autumn or summer, discover the most efficient baits, depending on the season.

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Specific recipes tailored to a precise specification

To guarantee optimal fishing performance, maximum attractiveness and diffusion, whatever the thermal conditions, SEEZONE has deliberately focused on a narrow range of flavours and aromas, by declining its boilies by season and by flavour.

Meaty, spicy, creamy and fruity flavours, Monster Crab, Garlic Liver, Legend Scop-X and Strawberry flavours, each type of SEEZONE boilies presents a unique recipe, specifically adapted to the water temperatures and the needs of the carp (for maximum attractiveness and digestibility).

The aim: to be able to optimise carp fishing whatever the conditions, in cold water in the middle of winter, in temperate water in autumn or spring, or in water at 20°C or more in the summer heat.

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